> Advisory service
Our approach to our customers includes listening to their specific needs, enabling us to carefully evaluate possible solutions from an economic and production point of view. Our engineers have years of experience and are able to advise customers on the most appropriate solution for each project.

> Design and feasibility studies

This includes initial ideas, technical designs completed and developed with CAD technology, studies of working conditions and possible structures for special custom-designed tools.

> Estimates

We are very proud of the fact that we provide same-day estimates. Our management offers a swift, effective and reliable service with the very best financial solutions.

> Customized solutions

We design and create special, entirely customized tools for specific requirements and a wide range of different uses.

> Optimisation

From periodic checks on site to contact with end users, we receive important feedback that enables us to modify and improve our products, so that our solutions remain cutting-edge and up to date.

> Sampling

Upon request, we provide our customers with pre-production prototypes to guarantee the effectiveness and excellent working condition of our products.

> Production

Carried out entirely on site to guarantee complete control of timings and product quality, with close attention paid to the customer’s specific requests and requirements.

> Warehouse availability

We have a warehouse that is well stocked with blanks and semi-finished products ready to meet our customers’ requirements or urgent needs. The customer is always our number-one priority.

> After-sales assistance

All of our tools come with regenerative and sharpening after-sales services, managed by our area managers, who can be contacted by phone.

> Standards

The standards followed are BIS, BS, DIN, ASA, JIS and GOST etc. as per customer’s choice and specification.

> Laser marking

We provide special design tools with lot numbers and design codes: we use this information to obtain a product’s history, so that we can provide an optimised service for the customer.

> End product delivery

Upon request, we are able to deliver special design tools within 48 hours.