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Quality Beyond Expections

The maintenance of the quality record is under taken as per procedure defined in QMS ISO 9000:2008.


The raw material procured is form the established and reputed manufacture.

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specifications is inspected during the process for visual and parameter inspection.

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Each tool manufactured is given unique Identification number.

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Our products are manufactured of the highest quality material. We are fully equipped to manufacture Spline braoch,serration broach, key way broach, hexagon broach, involutes broaches, round broach, d shape broach, oval shape broach and Special profile Broach both pull or push type. We have capacity to manufacture of Broaches up to 2000mm length. The benefit of our broaches including work piece surface, accuracy and longer tools life. The surface of our broaches finish up to .002mm.

Interspaced Broaches

Interspaced broaches are used where tow or more matching operations are required and production requirements are high. Some teeth finish the hole while other teeth cut the splines. All spline broaches can be designed with alternating round and spline finish teeth to provide better concentricity between the minor diameter and the splines. Another popular combination is round and keyway (one spline)where the hole is finished and a keyway is also cut.

Round Broaches

Round broaches are used to finish holes in parts where close tolerances and good surface finishes are required. They are either pulled or pushed through the work pieces. Round broaches usually have roughing semi-finishing and finishing teeth. Each tooth increases in diameter up to the finishing teeth which all have the same diameter.

Form Broaches

In form broaching the broach starts in a round hole and finishers to an irregular shape. The most common broaches of this type produce oval square or hexagon holes. Any shape that can be developed from a round hole can be form broached.

Splines Brouches

Cutting of splines in previously produced holes is one of most widely used broaching applications. The splines are generated by the top of the tooth. Straight splines involutes or serrations can be produced by this method.

Keyway Broach

The slot on the inside bore of a workpiece is called a keyway. The keyway can be broached in a part very quickly. The keyway broach may be a rectangular bar guided by a workhorn. It may be a single spline internal broach or it may be arbor with the broach screwed into a slot.

Involute Spline Broaches

UNITED Design & manufactures all type of involute spline broaches as per World Class Standards. i.e. ANSI B 92, JIS, DIN 5480, 5482, HES etc. Involute Splines can be produced to Grear Teeth Quality to ISO 8. For maintaining higher Concentricity between major & minor Dia UNITED Manufactures Inter Spaced broaches, which cuts major & major Dia simultaneously. It also manufactures Involute Spline Broaches in missing spline & Knock off Spline forms. Involute Spline Broaches are commonly used in various Tractor parts, Lift Arms. Coupling Flanges. Bull Gears Gear Blank, Hubs etc.

Technical Information

(A) Major Diameter 10mm – 200mm
(B) Module 0.5 Module – 8 Module
(C) Diameter Pitch (DP) 8 DP – 40 DP
(D) Pressure Angle (PA) 14.50, 200, 250,300, 37.50, 450 PA or
as per customer's specifications.
(E) No. Of Splines As specified
(F) Job Length 5 mm 300 mm
(G) Maximum Broach Length 1500 mm

V-Notch Broaches

The slot on the outside surface on a workpiece in 'V' Shape can be broached with 'V' notch broach

Surface Broaches

Surface Broaches available as either individual broaches or as inserts of broaching Flat Surfaces, Irregular, Surfaces, External Forms, Concave or Convex Surface, Serrations, Cam Shaped, Corner Squaring and Dovetails.

Connecting Rod Broaches

This is a broach to cut connecting rod and cap which is main part of engines. UNITED can design and manufacture these type broaches as per customer's requirement.


This inspection of broaches to be produced is being done at every stage of machining by keeping necessary margins. Calibration of the measuring instruments & profile projector is done with the help of master gauges master piece.